Note: we get informed that in some rare cases, flights tickets are much cheaper a day after the begin of the festival, in these cases we suggest you to stay more days in the post festival  and contact us to see what solution we can find. So if you ask, "can I arrive a bit later?" The reply i, onlyif is absolutely necessary, otherwise we prefer participants arrive one, two days before the begin.


We want to give you some information’s about the festival.

- To have a more authentic experience in the nature and to get to know each one better, we had to make some choices:

- We decided to make a festival that lasts 7-10 days (in nature, in a forest by the sea) so we have more time to get to know each other better and have time for a more direct contact with nature.

The goal is, through the various arts that we will study intensively, to live something genuine and deep,  having a beautiful and useful experience.


To participate to the festival you have to send an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your request.

You will receive a confirmation that we have received your request.

Note: only when you will receive the confirmation that we received your request (in the next hours) your request is confirmed. If you haven't received the confirmation, control your spam and if isn't there, send again the request.

After you received the confirmation, we will send you all the details to transfer us the first part of the fee (155€), booking in this way your participation!

Note: to be sure that you have been accepted you have to register and pay the quote as soon as possible. A prebooking by email becomes valid only when you have paid the quote. 

If you cancel your participation to the festival, till 25 of July we keep a part of the fee, after this date we keep all the deposit fee.












22 – 28 August

395 euro in shared tent

(385 euro in own shared tent)

3 meals per day starting from lunch of 22/8 till breakfast of 28/8

Shared tent with 1 other person

Not includes mattress

22 - 31 August (festival and post festival)

530 euro in shared tent

(520 euro in own shared tent


22/8 – 28/8 breakfast lunch, dinner (lunch of 22/8 till breakfast of 28/8)

28/8 - 31/8 breakfast and dinner, no lunch.

( 31  August only breakfast)

Shared tent with 1 person Not includes mattress

28 - 31 August 

160 euro

(150 € in own shared tent )

22/8 - 31/8 breakfast and dinner, no lunch. 31/8 only breakfast 

Shared tent with 1 person

Not includes mattress

Rent mattress

(book in time the mattress!)

15 euro

(must be returned in the conditions that has been taken or pay for the damage)





Renting a tent for single use cost plus 5 euro per night, added at the price of the festival

Important note: we will know if there are available tents only few days before the start of the festival so we recommend you to bring your own tent or book us in time a place in tent.



Not includes mattress


own tent sleeping alone has a cost of plus 3€ per night .      




See also rooms alternatives on lodging page